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The most amazing thing about chocolates is that they come in all shapes and sizes, fillings and flavours and are so tasty that you never have to get bored!

At the Journal we are always on the look-out for new and exciting flavours to tickle our taste buds.

We have tried peach flavoured fondant filled treats, wonderful raspberry flavoured dark chocolates and even chilli tinted bars!

We know the best chocolatiers and gourmet goodies around so you can always settle your craving. If you are passionate about chocolate we could have something for you!

Chocolates are very tasty and different manufacturers make different types of chocolates. Follow your heard and find the perfect chocolate you will desire. We bring you the widest collection of different chocolate treats from bars to cakes. Follow the latest chocolate additions to the range from big and small manufacturers to try out new tastes and find those that you really missed.

When it comes to chocolate, only the finest will cut it. Which is why the Chocolate Journal hunts down only the silkiest and sweetest chocolates.

Any real chocoholic will be able to taste the difference between a splendid gourmet chocolate box and a cheap imitation. We hunt down the best in luxury chocolate so you donít have to.

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or a friend, Chocolate Journal locates the best chocolate gifts around. From your basic milk bar to the more extravagant fruit or even chilli flavoured sweets, the journal has tested them all.

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